My name is Kate and I am so excited that you are here! It is my hope that this space will be used to share tools and resources that help to make life more laugh-out-loud enjoyable.

I’ve had many a conversation about life that reflects the famous Coldplay lyrics “Nobody said it was easy / No one ever said it would be this hard” (“The Scientist”). I will never deny that. What I have found though is that a good amount of the hard can be circumvented, avoided, and released. Through some very simple (though admittedly not easy) methods, we can access a more authentic version of ourselves and an approach to life more aligned with who we want to be.

My mama told me the proof is in the pudding. So don’t take my word for it. I invite you to try the tools and resources you find here. Let me know how they work for you? Better yet, I invite you to share your own wisdom and knowledge here. Help to create a community that supports life more abundantly. Let’s build these pillars of personhood. Together we will create an unshakable foundation of personal power.

Get the 10 Coaching Affirmations

Forget all the things you shouldn't do! Live into a personal code of conduct that celebrates all the wonderful things you can do to be the Amazing You you want to be.


I grew up with the 10 Commandments as the foundation of my moral and ethic compass. But I'll tell you the truth, they were such a bummer. All of the "thou shalt not"s left me feeling boxed in and wrong at every turn. As my coach training has deepened and grown I started thinking... what would the 10 commandements look like if they were all about the positive things you could do, instead of all the negative stuff we shouldn't do?


This list is the powerful result! Download your FREE printable poster! And step into a life of affirmation.


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